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By guest, Dec 8 2015 07:28PM

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Apr 9 2016 10:40PM by Amy

I just called for delivery. The lady who answered so so rude when I ask what's the minimum for delivery. She responded and by moaning "ma'am not trying to rush but I have other people on hold so can you hurry this up " so I said nevermimd then and she Hung up . I usually order there a lot but I have never experienced that .

Jun 17 2016 03:37PM by Murf

Just want to congratulate Peppers, business is so great that feel is appropriate to be rude and ignorant to customers, am up here in Scranton working a job and have been ordering from them almost every day, so naturally the phone # is on my phone, and as I was working my phone (in my pocket) accidentally called them so I get a call back with a guy flipping out on me, and it wasn't the first time I experienced rudeness there, so I will not be going back

Jan 14 2018 12:01AM by Candice Kaushas

I’ve been ordering food from Peppers ever since they opened!!! Absolutely the best Subs, Burgers& Appetizers& I’ve tried many other restaurants throughout my 37yrs& Peppers is by far the best tasting & the best Quality!!! I love the fact they use BoarsHead brand for their Subs, unlike most places that use gross cheap brands!! I’ve worked there many years ago so I know for a Fact they definitely that all of their foods I.e. Hoagie Rolls, Pizza Dough, Deli meats, Salads,etc..are always fresh on a daily basis!! Gino will never use anything that’s even a day old, ever!! The only not so good comment I hear a lot from friends& other’s is they think the prices are way too high, but like I always tell them “You truly do get what you pay for”!! BoarsHead & all of the other meats,cheeses,ingredients Gino uses aren’t cheap so of course the food is gonna cost more than most places,but it’s way better quality & the quantity is more than average so there’s actually enough for 2 meals!! Wow I just realized I practically wrote a book as a comment Haha!!

Jul 10 2018 09:32PM by Shannon

Just ordered an Italian sub, and it came with NO Capitola ham as mentioned in the description..also bun was very hard to chew. Have had other issues there a few times before over the years,so I think I am done!

Jan 23 2019 05:58PM by Bob

Every time I get a delivery they tell me one hour today was an hour and 20 minutes I called in the owner was very rude. Other times they tell me one hour it's an hour 20 minutes hour 30 minutes an hour 45 minutes delivery service sucks

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